Research Material

While browsing for a bit of inspiration for my poster, I came across a few noteworthy posters. As a result, I’ve decided to base my poster on these, using them as a template of sorts. There were a few other posters that had a similar message, but their style was inconsistent with what i was aiming to achieve, so i used them as information references only.

Essentially, this is more or less the same as the poster that i was attempting to create. Personally, I feel it has a few too many irrelevant characters, so I’ve condensed mine somewhat. However, the way it shows how they’re connected is clear, and you can easily tell each character apart.

SW Family Tree Final

This is a similar poster to the first, but is a bit less relevant since it refers to Avengers. the style is the same though, and it’s just another example of the style I’m aiming to use. I think they’re made by the same person, but i haven’t got a clue who that is.

x men

This one was just a bit less useful than the first, for two main reasons. Firstly, it appears to use standard JPEG images, which is quite a far cry from the type of images I’m using. And secondly, is seems to revolve entirely around Darth Vader, (even though they do link other characters for convenience). This isn’t a one man show. Everybody is equa in my poster (at least that’s the idea).

star wars character relations

I pretty much just came upon this one while browsing. once again its just an example of the use of colour coded lines or arrows to show the links between characters. Just showing everyone that i actually did a bit of research

Character relationshipsThis one…well, what can I say about it? It’s beyond complicated, which isn’t healthy in any way. Whoever made it has the right idea, but they literally throw info at you like there’s no tomorrow. I mean, by the time you’ve read it, you’d have aged more than just a few years. for the type of poster I wnt, there’s far too much wording, not enough imagery, and a ridicluous case of clutter

super powers

Research Material

Introduction to Development and Realisation

So… for the new development and realisation unit, we have to create an A2 poster in order to visually represent some form of information/data. easy enough right? until we throw in the fact that we need to use vector images, which won’t blur when you stretch them to A2 sizes. unfortunately, vector images are fa more specific than standard JPEG images, meaning you will probably have to create them, either from scratch or by tracing an existing pic. For that, we use either Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. Working with illustrator tends to be more fluid but also more complex than Inkscape, and I’ve chosen to use it to do this poster.

The topic I’ve chosen is ‘who knows each other and how in Star Wars?’. This is pretty much because i really like Star Wars, and I’d say i have more than just a fair idea of how characters are related. since the Star Wars universe is so vast, I’ve opted to relegate some characters to ‘non-main’ status and therefore leave them out of the runnings. this is pretty much any character that isn’t in the original 2 trilogies, and/or doesn’t have any sort of significant impact on the canonical story. I’ve also excluded any character that could be representative of an entire group i.e. a battle droid or an Ewok. also, any character that is significant due to leaving some kind of ‘legacy’ but hasn’t physically appeared in the films will be be respectfully omitted (I’m looking at you ‘oh great Darth Plagueis’). this should make the poster much more streamlined, and also means that even somebody who has only slightly delved into the world of SW should be able to disseminate most (if not all) of the info provided.

I’m predicting that the hardest part of this task will be creating the characters ‘avatars’; each character needs to be immediately recognisable using only a vector graphic, which I’m sure is no simple task.

Introduction to Development and Realisation