D4DME: Participatory Culture

When we were first introduced to Design for Digital Media Environments (D4DME for short), we look at participatory culture and the technosocial. We basically looked at some free, open source alternatives to some proprietary software and we looked at other free software that lets users upload and edit with very few restrictions. Often, these restrictions are related to how you use and share other people’s work, and how others are able to use your work.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 17.21.13
an image i uploaded to wikimedia commons.

As an introduction to participatory culture, we were required contribute to a piece of software. initially, I was going to add a landmark to www.openstreetmap.org/, which is an alternative to google or apple maps that allows anybody to add something new to the map, but I wasn’t able to verify my email and had to scrap that idea. instead, I uploaded an image (see above) from my mobile onto wikimedia commons, after creating a profile. I had to agree to certain sharing terms, such as the fact that the image had to be entirely my own.

D4DME: Participatory Culture

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